Company Outline

Company Outline

Company ZEN-NOH Foods Co., LTD.
Address Minami-Shinjuku SK Bldg. 32-10 Sendagaya5-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-3350-2170
FAX 03-3350-0995
E-Mail info@zfc.co.jp
Foundation October 1, 1974
Capital 805 million yen
Shareholders National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations
Annual sales 20.5 billion yen (results in FY2019)
Employees 483 (as of the end of Mar. 2020)
Business Purposes 1. Sale and processing of agricultural, livestock and fishery products
2. Manufacture and sale of prepared foods and processed foods
3. School meals business
4. Sale of alcohol
5. Sale of rice, etc.
6. Export of agricultural and livestock products and processed foods and alcoholic beverages
7. Import of processed foods
8. Sale of subsistence stores
9. Power generation and sales of renewable energy from sun light, etc.
10. Any business incidental to the preceding items
Main Banks Norinchukin bank, MUFG Bank, Ltd., Sumitomo Mitsui Banking

Executive Officers

Representative Director and President Koichi Abe
Managing Director Kenji Sugihara, General Manager of Corporate Operations
Director Yuichiro Yokota, In charge of Quality Management Department and Solution Sales Department
Director Wataru Hoshio, General Manager of Agricultural Products Department and Export Sales Department
Director Hideo Endo, General Manager of Foods Department
Director Masaru Yokoi, General Manager of Management Department
Director Hiroshi Nakamura, In charge of Direct Sales Promotion Department and Kuki Office
Part-time Director Takashi Yamada, Manager of Sales Development Division of ZEN-NOH
External Director Kaoru Ookaze, Associate Professor, Student and Career Support Center, Ochanomizu University
Full-time Auditor Takashi Okamura
Auditor Katsumi Takagi, Deputy Manager of Export Sales Department of ZEN-NOH
Auditor Tsukasa Kozato, Deputy Manager of Business Planning Department of ZEN-NOH


Direct Sales Division? Mail-order sales of overall foods, flowers and subsistence stores affiliated with Japan Post Group, ZEN-NOH, department stores, credit card companies, etc.
Foods Division Sales of processed foods, green groceries, rice, livestock products, fishery products, etc. to the food-service industry, co-ops, A-COOP chain, etc.
Agricultural Products
Contract sales of soybeans, starch, dried mushrooms and green groceries to food manufacturers, co-ops, department stores, etc.
Export Sales Division Export sales of green groceries, processed agricultural products, livestock processed goods, fisheries processed goods, etc.
Kanto Plant Manufacture of frozen cooked rice, manufacture of processed foods
Kuki Office School meals services for elementary and junior high-schools in Saitama Prefecture